Friday, April 15, 2011


Salam..... Ok, almost a year past....without any new entry..haha...when i looked back on my previous post, it really dragged me back to all those happy+sad+emo+blurr days...well, experience do give us strength to continue with what we are now rite.... Today, almost 4 month I finished my master...and yet, it happened to be that i'm still tanam anggur yg entah bila nak kaut hasilnya....u know what break our heart during this period??? having no job when u should get one, thinking that u just being a burden on and on, being blank on what ur future gonna be when everyone else already experiencing and passing through another chapter of their is too good to be like a fairytale, which end up as the way we want.... But one thing that avoid me from being sooooooo depressed is the fact that everything is in HIS hand....but of course we need to do the very best in our part, then only we leave everything to HIM.... agak depress bila compare dgn kwn2 yg sama umur.yg semakin stabil dalam menyusun kehidupan.....tapi alhamdulillah, masih d beri kekuatan utk menjadi positif dalam menerima keadaan seadanya dan percaya bahawa rezeki dari ALLAH itu semakin hampir, cuma mungkin sekarang bukan rezeki dlm bentuk pekerjaan yg ingin diberi, tapi sebuah pohon KESABARAN yg mmg sukar sekali utk m'besar dan b'cambah dlm diri... paling kurang, take this time as the most precious time u could spend with our parents as u may not know, in which part of the world u could be later...depends pada kita, memandang apa yg t'jadi sebagai permulaan sebuah kegagalan atau permulaan sebuah kehidupan... entahlah, kalau mahu dicompare atau mahu didengar sgt apa saja disekeliling, lama dah b'kurung tanpa b'buat apa2...but what ever it is, life must go on rite...I know I can turn to HIM no matter what happen...and of course....HE KNOWS BEST....ALHAMDULILLAH....^_^